OcularMax Perfection Series Kojin (Limited Edition)

OcularMax Perfection Series Kojin (Limited Edition)

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Hi All,
First off… Thank you for making The Kojin Project a success! 
We are excited and working hard to get the production schedule happening and making sure we finish the project with as much success as the funding had.
So here are the summarized points all the backers need to know about how this will roll-out:

* Refunds for the discount achieved by the stretch goal will be provided by the end of April, 2017 to all backers of the ‘Full Fledged Fire Fighting Backer’ Package.

* The production of The Kojin Project will be finished around the middle of May, 2017 and will ship immediately to all backers once ready and a tracking number will be emailed to the account email address on file.

* Any qc issues discovered will be warrantied for a period of 1 year after receiving the product.

But wait… there’s a bonus that we wanted to give all backers that believed in us!
When we first launched the project, we intended fully to hit the full stretch goal so that everyone that backed the project would enjoy all the benefits we could pass on with a fully funded campaign.
Ok, we admit it… we were maybe a little too ambitious for a first outing, but honestly did not doubt our fan base for one second. And even though we did not reach nearly our full production run we aimed for, we are still really touched by how loyally our fans fought for this to happen!
After much thought, Ocular Max has decided to put in the investment to run more production pieces to reward our confident backers.
What this means for the ‘Full Fledged Fire Fighting Backer’ supporters:

* All Full Fledged Fire Fighting Backers will receive a $20 discount on your package. Bringing the cost of the figure down to $87 USD for those backers!

* All Full Fledged Fire Fighting Backers will receive the bonus additional Clear Nightbeam Figure as our thanks for believing in us!

* Waitlist Backers will have the option to purchase a figure with the additional Clear Nightbeam for $107.

Additional figures will only be available in limited quantities at conventions and smaller geo markets. The regular release will not have the Clear Nightbeam included and will not enjoy other benefits all backers of the crowdfunding project have.

Ocular Max Perfection Series Kojin (Limited Edition)
 is the latest offering from the creators that brought you the Sphinx and Backdraft figures.

Now you can own this very limited production of the never before released Kojin Figure. Kojin comes with an all new minibot friend (Nightbeam), weapons, accessories and features a beautiful paint scheme to give nostalgic fans a perfect addition to their collection of nostalgia robots.

Produced with high-end designed abs plastic and die cast, Kojin along with the rest of the Ocular Max Perfection Series is made with collectors in mind. Highly detailed and remarkable engineering to change from robot mode to vehicle mode has been the hallmark of this series. Everything from paint to chrome application and down to the rubber tires accentuate the high attention to detail on this beautiful figure.

This is your chance to be part of a very special project – the first crowdfunded project for Ocular Max. This limited production is made to order and structured to give you the fans the opportunity to have some fun. Not only will you have the bragging rights to say you backed this project, you will also be rewarded with extra benefits along the way with the more backers that get on board!

PLEASE NOTE: All of the fixes from the previous mold issues will be applied to the Kojin Figure.

Wait there’s more… as successful backers, Ocular Max wants to reward you with more goodies by offering stretch goals to show appreciation for your support. So tell your family, tell your friends, spread the word:

Unlock Stretch Goal 1 – Once the target minimum funding goal for the project is reached, all Full Fledged Backers will automatically get their Kojin Figure discounted to $97.

Unlock Stretch Goal 2 – This goal gives Full Fledged Backers an even deeper discount on their Koji Figure dropping it’s cost to $87.

Unlock Stretch Goal 3 – Help us hit 500 purchases of this figure and all backers will receive an additional bonus clear version of Nightbeam!!!

Unlock Final Stretch Goal – The 4th and final stretch goal will earn all Full Fledged Backers free shipping on their figures.

Please Note: Wait List backers will not be eligible for stretch goals.


Ocular Max - Kojin - Box Art Prototype


Stretch Goals


Stretch $97 42,800.00

You did it! You helped us raise the minimum funding level. As our thanks to you, the Figure Cost Lowers to $97 for everybody that has pledged the original $107 towards the Full Fledged Fire Fighting backers level. We will refund the difference of the figure cost at the end of the campaign.

Help us hit our next goal of $42,800.00 (400 backers) and we will give you some more sweet discounts!

Stretch $87

Bonus Clear Nightbeam

Free Shipping

Ocular Max is an industry leading line of collectible robots and toys. For more information about our products and other figures in our series of collectibles please visit us online at the Ocular Max Facebook Page.